Downwind and Light Wind Sails from Precision Sails

There is no better feeling that cruising with the wind and the waves on an amazing sunny summer day!  In order to make the best of these magical sailing conditions  you need to have the right sail. Spinnaker sails are ideal for sailing ‘off the wind’ or reaching. They are designed to billow out in front of the sailboat and fill like a balloon. There are different types of spinnakers, depending on the angle required for the type of sailing you are doing you may want to choose one sail over another.

At Precision Sails, we consult with you to assess the type of sailing you plan on doing, and provide recommendations for sails, equipment and customization options that will work best for your boat, your area and your sailing style. There are a plethora of downwind sails to choose from, each with their own specialty in which they perform best. Discover their differences below.

Sailing downwind? No problem. We’ve got sails for you.

Precision Sails custom designs and builds downwind sails that come ready to attach to your sailboat. Designed specially for your boat and the conditions you sail in, they are constructed from name-brand cloth and hardware from internationally trusted suppliers.

Precision Sails Tip: When it comes to downwind sails it’s all about the angles. Depending on the angle required for the type of sailing you’re doing you may want to choose one sail over another. Just ask us if you need help!

Oxley Sails

If you’re used to sailing with a conventional spinnaker or gennaker, you’ll quickly notice that Oxley’s self-stabilizing sails, BORA and LEVANTE, have something different – a stabilization lift generating wing located in the upper part of the sail body. This is a key design aspect that sets these sails apart from the standard downwind sail.

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Symmetrical Spinnakers

For experienced sailors who are cruising and even racing, Symmetric Spinnakers are the ultimate tool for downwind sailing. They are able to reach the deepest sailing angles.

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Asymmetrical Spinnakers and Gennakers

Asymmetrical spinnakers are used on cruising boats because they are easier to handle than a symmetrical spinnaker. Sometimes they are referred to as a cruising chute. Asymmetric spinnakers are good sails in reaching wind angles, but not as effective when broad reaching or running. When compared to a symmetrical spinnaker. The position of the sails draft is typically forward of 50%. They usually have a round luff and flatter leech. Asymmetric spinnakers operate more like a jib, generating lift from the side, rather than the top like a symmetric spinnaker.

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Code Zero

The spinnaker-genoa hybrid performs excellently in moderate to light wind conditions. Useful for cruisers and racers alike. It operates the best in reaching sail angles.

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