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All About Spinnakers

Spinnaker sails are known to be the most colourful and exciting sail in a sailor’s toolbox. While each spinnaker serves the same purpose, are they all created equal? In this blog we discuss the differences between Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Spinnakers and how their shape is not the only difference. We provide an in depth look at the variations between standard sizes, code zeros, and the different options for each type of sail. Discover which is best for your sailboat.

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Jibs vs Genoas

Jibs and Genoas are triangular sails which are affixed to a stay in front of the mast. Typically they run from the head of the foremast to the bowsprit. Jibs and genoa’s are used in tandem with a mainsail to stabilize the vessel and are usually measured by their Luff Perpendicular percentage.

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Spinnaker Tacker Review and unboxing

ATN Tacker Un-boxing and Review

ATN Symmetrical Spinnaker Tacker Un-Boxing The ;ATN Symmetrical Spinnaker Tacker is designed to eliminate the need for a spinnaker pole. Attached your spinnaker halyard as you normally would to the head of the spinnaker, the sheet to the clew of your spinnaker and the tack will be attached on the Tacker, which has been clipped onto your …

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