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Sail Graphics, Colored Dacron and Color Customizations

There are countless options for customizing your sail. You can use colored Dacron, Spinnaker cloth, colored features, or even custom sail graphics. One of the most exciting parts of ordering a sail is the customization. It is your opportunity to emblazon your team logo, a symbol that represents your family, a play on your boat’s name, your boat’s insignia, or to match your Dodger or Bimini to your sail. Precision Sails uses a variety of different techniques to customize a sail, read more to learn about the different options available. If you are interested in getting a new sail with graphics on it, call us! Our design team is ready and waiting to help bring your vision to life.

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The Hidden Truth of UV Rays

Ultraviolet rays are the silent killer of sails, there is no way to avoid it but you can prevent it. UV damage doesn’t just happen in a day, in fact it can take years to cause any sort of damage. But knowing what to look for and creating good habits will definitely increase the functional life of your sails. Learn how to identify what UV damage looks like, how to repair it and when to replace your sails.

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