Asymmetrical Spinnakers and Gennakers

Asymmetrical spinnaker, also known as a Gennaker, offers a shape and radial construction that make it ideal for running and broad reaching angles. With a triangular shape their cross-section design allows for a smooth, rounded entry tapering to a straight edge at the leech. Easy to handle, these spinnakers minimize a boat’s heeling angle when reaching.

Asymmetric spinnakers operate more like a jib, generating lift from the side, rather than the top like a symmetric spinnaker. Precision Sails offers 7 size options for our Asymmetrical sails; each spinnaker is custom designed from scratch and reviewed before production to maximize performance and handling. When it comes to customizing your asymmetrical spinnaker the options are endless! [


Predesigned Asymmetrical Spinnaker Sail

Our Standard Sized Asymmetrical All Purpose Spinnaker is a discounted option for cruisers needing a versatile sail.

It’s ideal for those who sail with just one spinnaker, suitable for running and broad-reaching angles. The sail’s modern design allows for easy trimming and reduces heeling when reaching. The spinnaker’s modern cross-section design creates a forgiving shape with a smooth, rounded entry that straightens towards the leech. Made of High Tenacity Nylon, it works for apparent wind angles of 80-155 degrees. This also allows for the sail to be used without a spinnaker pole.

Pre-designed options include solid colors and a red, white, and blue pattern.

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Custom Designed Cruising Spinnaker

Our custom-designed cruising asymmetrical spinnakers are a versatile and practical addition to any sailor’s inventory. The panel layout is asymmetrical, allowing you to fly the spinnaker without using a spinnaker pole. They offer excellent performance in light winds and are specifically designed to optimize the performance of your boat in the sailing conditions you are in most often.

If you are looking for a downwind sail that will maximize your boat’s performance, this is your choice.

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A1 Light Reacher

The Code 1 Asymmetrical Spinnaker is a Light Air Reaching sail. This sail is normally manufactured from light spinnaker nylon and is designed for stable boats that want to improve their light air performance. This sail is best for 60 – 105 Apparent Wind Angle and 3 – 12 Apparent Wind Speed

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A1.5 Light Runner

This light air reaching sail takes the wider girth and length from an A2 and combines it with the light air reaching of the A1. This helps to power up your boat in lighter conditions but still be able to take advantage of those deep angles.

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A2 Medium Runner

The Code 2 Asymmetrical Spinnaker is a Medium / All Purpose Running sail. This sail is designed with the longest luff and largest mid girth of all spinnakers. This is a very stable spinnaker meant to sail the deepest angles. It is normally manufactured from light to medium weight spinnaker cloth to help with lower apparent wind speeds. It’s best for 115 – 160 Apparent Wind Angle and 8 – 20 Apparent Wind Speed.

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A3 Medium Reacher

The Code 3 Asymmetrical Spinnaker is a Medium Air Reaching sail. This sail is designed to help the boat accelerate quickly in choppy and changing wind conditions. This sail is designed slightly flatter than the A1 with a smaller mid girth and slightly longer luff to allow the sail to perform better with increasing winds. It’s best for 70 – 120 Apparent Wind Angle and 5 – 23 Apparent Wind Speed

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A4 Heavy Runner

The Code 4 Asymmetrical Spinnaker is a Heavy Air Running sail. This sail is designed with the mid girth up as high as possible and a slightly smaller luff length than an A2. It is constructed with heavier spinnaker material. This sail will work best if you have a stable, powerful boat and you want to improve broad reaching to downwind capability. It’s designed for 115 – 165 Apparent Wind Angle  and 10 – 25 Apparent Wind Speed.

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A5 Heavy Reacher

The Code 5 Asymmetrical Spinnaker is a Heavy Air Reaching sail. This sail is designed with a flatter shape and tighter and straighter luff. This allows the sail to be used for reaching in higher wind speeds. It’s best for 85 – 130 Apparent Wind Angle and 16 – 28 Apparent Wind Speed

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Asymmetrcial And Gennaker Cloth Options

Find Your Dream Spinnaker

Our sail consultants make it easy to understand the differences between the different asymmetrical spinnakers. Book a consultation or request a quote for more information about pricing for an asymmetrical spinnaker.

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