Pre-Designed Asymmetrical Spinnaker


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This versatile sail is ideal for anyone hoping to sail with only one spinnaker on board. It’s medium-full shape and full radial panel layout make it fitting for running and broad reaching angles. The spinnaker’s modern cross section design creates a forgiving shape with a smooth, rounded entry that straightens towards the leech. This makes it easy to trim and minimizes the boat’s heeling angle when reaching. The Asymmetrical Spinnaker is available in our High Tenacity Nylon and is designed for apparent wind angles of 80-155 degrees.

High Tenacity Nylon

At Precision Sails we are constantly looking for ways to improve our materials and have recently sourced some of the most advanced nylon in the industry. This Nylon is currently available in 0.75, 1.5 and 2.5 oz weights. The material is finished to strict technical parameters and includes a 5mm ripstop woven into the material.

Normally this type of construction and inclusion of a ripstop is uneconomic at this price level. But because these are premade, standard colored, standard sized sails, we can offer these high quality Spinnakers at this competitive price.

Ultimately, this is the perfect sail for the economically minded sailor who still wishes to have the quality required for a versatile sailing experience.

For custom sizes and colors, please contact us for more information.

Size Area Material Luff Leech Foot Half Width
Size 1 37m² (398.3ft²) 3/4oz Nylon 9.4m (30.84′) 8.46m (27.76′) 4.99m (16.37′) 4.68m (15.35′)
Size 2 43m² (462.9ft²) 3/4oz Nylon 10.1m (33.14′) 9.19m (30.15′) 5.36m (17.59′) 5.06m (16.60′)
Size 3 50m² (538.2ft²) 3/4oz Nylon 10.8m (35.43′) 9.83m (32.25′) 5.73m (18.80′) 5.43m (17.81′)
Size 4 57m² (613.5ft²) 3/4oz Nylon 11.5m (37.73′) 10.58m (34.71′) 6.11m (20.05′) 5.81m (19.06′)
Size 5 64m² (688.9ft²) 3/4oz Nylon 12.3m (40.35′) 11.32m (37.14′) 6.53m (21.42′) 6.22m (20.41′)
Size 6 75m² (807.3ft²) 1.5oz Nylon 13.1m (42.98′) 12.18m (39.96′) 6.96m (22.83′) 6.65m (21.82′)
Size 7 83m² (893.4ft²) 1.5oz Nylon 13.8m (45.26′) 12.83m (42.10′) 7.33m (24.05′) 7.01m (23.00′)
Size 8 94m² (1011.8ft²) 1.5oz Nylon 14.6m (47.90′) 13.72m (45.01′) 7.75m (25.43′) 7.45m (24.44′)
Size 9 106m² (1141.0ft²) 1.5oz Nylon 15.5m (50.85′) 14.57m (47.80′) 8.23m (27.00′) 7.92m (25.98′)
Size 10 118m² (1270.1ft²) 1.5oz Nylon 16.4m (53.81′) 15.42m (50.59′) 8.71m (28.58′) 8.4m (27.56′)
Size 11 133m² (1431.6ft²) 1.5oz Nylon 17.4m (57.11′) 16.8m (55.10′) 9.24m (30.31′) 8.93m (29.30′)
Size 12 148m² (1593.1ft²) 1.5oz Nylon 18.4m (60.37′) 17.3m (56.76′) 9.77m (32.05′) 9.46m (31.04′)
Size 13 165m² (1776.0ft²) 1.5oz Nylon 19.4m (63.65′) 18.24m (59.84′) 10.3m (33.79′) 9.99m (32.78′)
Size 14 183m² (1969.8ft²) 1.5oz Nylon 20.4m (66.93′) 19.18m (62.93′) 10.83m (35.53′) 10.52m (34.51′)
Size 15 204m² (2195.8ft²) 1.5oz Nylon 21.5m (70.54′) 20.21m (66.31′) 11.41m (37.43′) 11.11m (36.45′)
Size 16 223m² (2400.4ft²) 1.5oz Nylon 22.5m (73.82′) 21.15m (69.39′) 11.95m (39.20′) 11.64m (38.19′)
Size 17 223m² (2400.4ft²) 1.5oz Nylon 22.5m (73.82′) 21.15m (69.39′) 11.95m (39.20′) 11.64m (38.19′)
Size 18 265m² (2852.4ft²) 1.5oz Nylon 24.5m (80.38′) 23.03m (75.56′) 13.02m (42.72′) 12.7m (41.67′)


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