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Where To Install A Preventer On The Boom

A boom preventer is a rigging system which prevents the boom’s ability to move past the cockpit when any accidental jibing or tacking action occurs. It works by restricting the range that your boom can swing. This is important to help prevent damage to your vessel, or harm to your crew. You don’t want your boom swinging back and forth from an unexpected gust of wind taking off your crew mates heads and knocking them overboard!

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Loose vs Fixed Foot

Is one better than the other? In this post, one of Precision Sails’ Senior Sail Designers, Jeremy Roszmann, discusses the details and features of the two sail types. Learn more about the history and background of fixed foot and loose foot sails. Jeremey also discusses how the differences in the designed shape of the sail and its functionality affect the efficiency and power of the sails. He dives into the topic of rigging and removal and how it can change removing the sail from your boat. Join us as we explore the different advantages and disadvantages of these two sail styles.

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