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Did you know – our partners Sailing Fair Isle also sail on a Hans Christian 48 T? That’s right! This gorgeous boat is not only admired by you, but by Judy and Steve as well. These ex-documentary film artists now sail the seas on their beautiful Hans Christian 48 T.

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All About Your Hans Christian 48 T

Rig Specifications

These are the specifications provided by the designers, but even from the factory, these boats may not be identical. The reason for this is that the sail industry often contracts manufacturing to different sources in order to achieve economies of scale. What this means is – your Tartan 31 may be more unique than you initially thought.

It’s important to note that boats are also frequently customized, so if you suspect that work has been done on yours, it’s best to take your own measurements. When ordering a sail, we will advise you if using the manufacturer’s specifications is appropriate, or if we require you to complete our own measurement forms.

I: 54.00 ft / 16.46 m
J: 26.50 ft / 8.08 m
P: 46.83 ft / 14.27 m
E: 17.50 ft / 5.33 m


Step aboard the Hans Christian 48T and immerse yourself in a world of luxury and comfort. The spacious pilothouse provides panoramic views and a sheltered retreat for the captain and crew. Inside, the yacht exudes opulence with its meticulously crafted teak finishes and plush furnishings. The well-appointed cabins and expansive saloon offer a haven of relaxation and indulgence. The galley is a chef’s dream, equipped with modern appliances and ample storage. Every detail of the 48T is designed with comfort and style in mind, ensuring an unforgettable journey on the open seas.


The Hans Christian 48T is a remarkable vessel that delivers an exceptional sailing experience. With a meticulously designed hull, this yacht ensures stability and durability even in challenging conditions. Powered by a robust engine, it combines performance with efficiency, allowing for smooth navigation and optimal fuel consumption. The sail plan, featuring a large sail area, efficient rigging, and modern sailing technology, offers exhilarating speed and maneuverability. Whether you’re cruising through calm waters or tackling turbulent seas, the 48T demonstrates its prowess as a true sailing champion.


Since its inception in 1980, Hans Christian Yachts has been synonymous with exceptional craftsmanship, timeless design, and uncompromising performance. Among their remarkable creations, the Hans Christian 48T stands tall as a true testament to their expertise and passion for sailing.


Sail Plan

The sail plan of the Hans Christian 48T is a testament to its ability to transform wind into incredible power. The interconnectedness of the various sails and rigging components is ingeniously designed to optimize performance and maneuverability. From the towering mast to the versatile spinnaker, each element works in harmony, allowing the yacht to glide through the water smoothly. Whether you’re trimming the mainsail, adjusting the genoa, or hoisting the spinnaker, the 48T offers an unparalleled sailing adventure that will leave you in awe of what this boat can do.


The Hans Christian 48T embodies the epitome of maritime excellence. With a rich history of craftsmanship and a legacy of sailing prowess, this yacht surpasses expectations in every aspect. Its performance on the open seas is unparalleled, with a robust hull, powerful engine, and a sail plan designed for optimal speed and maneuverability. The yacht’s luxurious features, from the spacious pilothouse to the meticulously designed interior, create an environment of refined comfort and elegance. Whether you’re an avid sailor or a discerning adventurer, the 48T promises an unforgettable journey, where the wind becomes your ally and the vast oceans become your playground. Prepare to embark on the ultimate seafarer’s dream aboard the Hans Christian 48T.


Recommended Sails For Your Hans Christian 48 T

We would love to help you enhance your sailing experience on your Hans Christian 48 T. That’s why we have put together a list of expertly curated sail recommendations just for you. You can find more information about each sail and what makes our sails stand out by following the links to our education page.

Want to Take Your Hans Christian 48 T to the Next Level?

Then, it’s time to consider the sails you’re using. That’s why we offer custom-fit sails designed to optimize the performance of your Hans Christian 48 T. Our team of experts takes pride in using only the best materials and cutting-edge technology to ensure that our sails are of the highest quality.


Custom Fit

With our custom-fit sails, you can expect maximum speed, power, and maneuverability on the water. A true game changer – a paired combination of head sails and mainsails. When two sails are designed in tandem we can optimize their performance to work together. The best part? We keep your measurements and designs on file, so you can develop your sail inventory over time, we’ll always be ready to pick up where we left off in your sail customization journey.


Reliability and Durability

Our sails don’t just improve your boat’s performance – they also provide you with peace of mind during your extended sailing journeys. Our sails are not like off-the-shelf options that have a short lifespan. Instead, we can tailor the design of the sails to withstand the specific demands of your boat, ensuring their durability and reliability.


Providing Unparalleled Service

And, we’re not just about high-quality sails. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best service possible. From helping you take accurate measurements to delivering your custom sails, we’re here to make sure you’re satisfied with your experience.

Trust us to exceed your expectations and take your sailing experience to the next level.

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