Precision Sails Tri-Radial Dacron Series

Our Radial Dacrons offer better sail shape and shape retention than comparable crosscut Dacrons. A great cloth for sailors looking for a longer lasting shape and more performance over traditional crosscut sails without the expense of a laminate. This cloth offers easy to handle material in a radial construction ideal for small, medium and large boats. It is constructed from mid grade quality fibers and weave to reduce heel and allow for increased pointing ability. Ideal for those who are club racing, distance racing, or performance cruising this cloth will greatly enhance your sailing experience.

What is the Precision Tri-Radial Series Dacron Video

Performance Radial Dacron

Better Performing Crusing Sails

Radial designed sails allow a sail designer to make a better sail shape, allowing your cruising boat to point higher and sail flatter.


Club Racing and Cruising

If you are the type of sailor who wants to participate  in club racing and cruise with your family on weekends, Tri-Radial Dacrons area great choice.  You can benefit from the better sail shape that can be designed using the radial panels and have the benefit of the long easy care life span of Dacron.

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Tri-Radial Dacron Series FAQ

Comparable Cloths Combined For Your Convenience

Contender Fibercon Pro Radial

Fibercon® Pro Radial from Contender was designed to meet the needs of radial cut sails. The unique yarns and weaving techniques produce a line of sailcloth with high UV survival with a superb duration period. Because they are produced in a wide range of weights, they can be used in a wide range of sail sizes. In fact, different weights can be incorporated into the same sail to accommodate its particular load needs. For sails that are more performance oriented, we recommend a firm Polypreg finish. This will offer greater stability. The medium Polypreg finish will give better handling.

More information of Contender Fibercon Pro Radial

Challenge Sailcloth Newport Pro Radial

Newport Pro Radial is the newest addition to the Challenge Sailcloth Radial product line. It combines the technology developed in the Warp-Drive sailcloth as well as the Fastnet sailcloth. This cloth is perfect for sailors who are looking for increased performance over crosscut sail cloth without having to move out of woven fabrics.

More information on Newport Proradial

Challenge Sailcloth Warp Drive

For many years, the sailing industry has tried to come up with a strong cloth that lies between medium and heavy weight for taking care of tri-Radial sails. Customarily, tri-radial sails were only possible through the use of membrane cloth, because it was very difficult to weave a warp-oriented cloth. Challenge Sailcloth invented Warp-Drive which is made up through the process of weaving straight warp yarns in heavy fabrics. This cloth is a great cloth for a sailor looking for a longer lasting shape, and more performance over traditional cross cut sails without the expense of a laminate! This cloth offers easy to handle material in a radial construction with the bonus of being mildew resistant! *Extremely Limited Availability*

More information on Challange Warp Drive

Bainbridge HSX Stong Warp

*Currently not Available* Bainbridge’s Strong Warp 15 is part of the HSX family of fabrics. This cloth is extra strong combining precise weaving and a unique UV stabilized finish. Perfectly suited for radial construction, this is a warp-oriented cloth with good warp modulus. Different weights are available for dynamic radial construction to fulfill the load needs of your sails. It offers balanced denier and precise control of inline tension minimizing warp crimp. It is manufactured with the latest fill and digitally controlled finishing techniques to provide you with the ideal product for your next venture. This radial Dacron is a wonderful choice for those looking for a sail with increased stretch resistance and long term lifespan.

More information on Bainbridge HSX Strong Fill 56

Examples of Tri-Radial Dacon Series Sails

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