Precision Sails 400 Series Advanced Dacrons

Precision 400 Series of Dacrons are perfectly suited for coastal cruising, weekends, holidays, and the occasional offshore use. Ideal for small to medium sized boats sailing in intermediate UV areas these mid-grade crosscut Dacron’s are our most popular option among charter companies, sailing schools, and camps. These sails stand apart from our 300 Series with increased shape holding, easier handling, and trimming in addition to their increased design quality. 400 Series sails will have increased durability. Comparable to most name brand lofts in quality, what makes the 400 series stand apart is our design process, craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into each sail.

What is the Precision 400 Series Dacron Video

Coastal Cruising Cross Cut Dacron

Weekend Warriors

The Precision Sails 400 Series group of Dacrons are best suited for those who love to sail and get out as much as time allows.  If you sail mostly on weekends and the occasional summer holiday trip, these cloths are perfect for you and your family.


Medium Size Cruising Boats

The 400 Series of cloth are best suited for 25′ to 50′ boats that are used primarily for coastal cruising and inland lakes.  The smaller boats will benefit from an extended life of the cloth, holding sail shape extremely well under the loads produced on smaller boats.  The larger boats will find the sail shape to be retained well given the moderate amount of use under regular wind and sea conditions.

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400 Series Advanced Dacron FAQ

Comparable Cloths Combined For Your Convenience

Bainbridge Ocean Series SPX Strong Fill 55

Due to the success of the Balanced 25 SPX series of cloth Bainbridge created the Strong Fill 55. This cloth is ideal for high aspect sail designs. It has increased durability and strength from its construction. Produced as a high sley fabric with increased warp count matching its high fill denier this cloth is easier to handle and is consistent in quality. This cloth has been manufactured in specific ways to reduce the cost of the cloth in order to pass the savings onto you.

More information on Bainbridge SPX Strong Fill

Bainbridge Ocean Series SPX Balanced 25

Because of its unique construction design, precise production control, and yarn selection the SPX range of fabric is highly recommended for Genoa types of sails. Specifically, the SPX Balanced is expressly designed for its high tenacity yarns that give it the strength and durability for larger boats and tall ships. This cloth is tailored to allow for an optimum finish that is easy to handle and dependable. The fill is produced as a high sley with a high warp count matched with high fill denier. There are four finishes available for this cloth. The H finish will handle hard and is best for one design racing. F finish is firm handling and appropriate for general uses including charter. An M finish is medium handling and is great for general cruising. The S or soft finish will be best for ocean sails. Altogether this material will suit a wide range of sail applications and features while retaining the strength and durability necessary for enjoyable navigation.

More information on Bainbridge SPX Balanced 25

Contender Charter Cloth

Contender Charter cloth was developed specifically for worldwide charter fleets and designed to meet the demands of UV protection and the problem of wear during long periods of time on the water. To offset these issues Contender developed larger denier warps to add to the chafe and tear resistance of the cloth which increases its strength and stretch resistance. It also provides UV protection over a longer period of time. By using special looms, careful selection of yarn, and heavy warps, this becomes an economical fabric with exceptional quality.

More information on Contender Charter Cloth

Contender Premium Pro (High/Low Aspect)

Contender’s Premium Pro High Aspect and Premium Low Aspect cloths are woven with a high density and designed specifically to handle the stresses of high aspect rigged yachts or low aspect rigged cruisers. Depending on your selection the sailcloth is engineered to match the specific loads of your rigging setup. These fabrics possess the same high UV resistance and density found throughout Contenders entire range, ensuring a long lifespan for your sails. These fabrics are finished to cater to both cruising and racing needs, and Contender meticulously oversees every stage of the production process to guarantee consistent quality. There are two finishes available to further optimize this sail for your needs, a medium or firm Polypreg finish. The medium finish is ideal for ease of handling, while the firm finish is recommended for sails that require diagonal stability for higher performance.

More information on Contender Premium Pro (High/Low Aspect)

Challenge Sailcloth Fastnet

Challenge Fastnet is the ultimate solution for those seeking durability in super tough conditions. This offshore cruising style is designed to withstand the harshest environments, making it the most durable option available. Fastnet is an upgrade from Challenge’s High Mass Fiber Weaves product line, released in 2018 after 15 years of development and incorporating lessons learned from six Clipper Around the World Races. Unlike professional races, the Clipper Around the World is crewed by amateur sailors who need sails that can withstand over 60,000 miles without professional maintenance crews or paid sailors. Challenge Sailcloth has been supplying Clipper for two decades, and Fastnet represents their latest innovation in bulletproof durability and UV resistance for sailors who demand the best.

More information on Challenge Sailcloth Fastnet

Challenge Sailcloth High Modulus Dacron

This High Modulus Dacron is a good cloth for performance sailing at a great price. It features very tight weaves and high yarn count, this is low stretch cloth. Minimizing stretch is the key to creating durable and shape holding sails for easy handling and trim at a great price. The rest comes in the craftsmanship, design and attention to detail that we put into High Modulus Dacron Sails.*Limited Availability*

More information on Challenge Sailcloth High Modulus

Examples of 400 Series Sails

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