Precision Sails 300 Series Designer Dacrons

The Precision 300 Series of Dacrons offer our exceptional in-house design quality with our most economical crosscut Dacron options. These cloths are best suited for smaller keeled boats sailing in lower UV areas. Also, a great option for inland lakes. These cloths are a great choice for those looking to continue day sailing and cruising their current vessel before they upgrade to a longer-term boat. As our most cost-effective option, The Precision 300 Series encompasses a line of cloths from trusted manufacturers with similar durability in order to lower the cost of the cloth and pass the savings onto you. If you choose to use the 300 Series group of Dacrons our design team will assist and recommend the final sailcloth selection.

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Precision 300 Series Dacron on a Siren 17

Economical High Quality Cloths

Occasional Sailing

If you don’t get to sail as often as you would like or are in an area with a short sailing season this is the right choice for you.

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Small to Medium Size Boat

The Precision Sails 300 Series Designer Dacron offer an economic way to replace your existing sails on your small to medium sized boat up to 45 feet.

The sailors which would benefit from this series of cloth are not crossing oceans or putting extreme loads on their sails. Weekend warriors, inland lake sailors and coastal cruisers are more suited to benefit from a better sail shape and the crispness of a new 300 Series Dacron Sail.

If your boat is a stepping stone to a larger boat, Precision Sails’ 300 Series Dacrons will keep you sailing and allow the boat to sold quickly because of the new sails.

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What Is The Precision 300 Series?

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Comparable Cloths Combined For Your Convenience


This High Tenacity polyester sailcloth is a great cloth for weekend warriors and cruising sailors. Woven with high quality high tenacity yarns and protected with a UV2 coating this cloth is durable and offers great handling at a good price. This cross cut cloth is weaved with strong warp and fill fibers to help increase its durability and longevity.

Challenge Newport All Purpose

Newport All Purpose has been specifically treated to have very high fill (1%) with fiber 104 in both directions and that makes Newport AP suitable for sails with high leech load paths and demanding shapes. Maximum stretch resistance will also ensure effortless handling and maximum enjoyment. This is an all-purpose cruising fabric for quality at a reasonable price and can suit your every adventurous journey in the world of tranquility – inshore, offshore– to assure you of speed and durability. *Limited Availibility*

Contender Charter Cloth

Contender charter cloth is a rugged cloth designed for high mileage boats or Charters. This cloth lasts a long time. It is strong, very resistant to tears and rips as well as UV damage. This cloth has a very economical construction with heavy denier warp fibers which contribute to its strength.

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Not Sure If This Cloth Is For You?

Our Sail Consultants are always happy to schedule a time to discuss your boat, sailing location, and experience level to help narrow down the results and provide the best priced no-obligation quote possible!

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