Precision Sails 500 Series Elite Dacron

Our highest quality cross-cut Dacron, The Precision 500 Series is suitable for heavy-use medium to large sized boats which are coastal cruising and offshore sailing. Comparable to the highest end sails available from the most renowned sail lofts in the world, the 500 Series can hold its sail shape the longest, as well as boasts a fine thorough UV finishing process, giving it great UV resistance. Optimal for cruisers or racers looking for the most durable and best shape-holding Dacron sails willing to spend a little more for much greater quality. By sourcing cloth from the best manufactures in the world our designers can hand select the best option for your boat and ensure you get the best quality but with a substantial price break.

What is the Precision Sails 500 Series – Video
Precision Sails 500 Series Dacron

Premium Cross Cut Crusing Dacron

Large Cruising Boats

The 500 Series of Cross Cut Dacron is designed to handle large loads that boats 30 – 70 feet often require. Many small to medium sized boats will also see huge benefits from greater shape holding, ease of trimming and much higher resistance to UV damage.


Long Distances and Circumnavigation

If you are a sailor who is living the dream and get the opportunity to sail your boat often or spend extended time cruising consider the 500 Series of cloth. The highest modulus cross cut Dacrons will retain sail shape longer and resist UV damage that these types of boat are often subjected to.

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500 Series Elite Dacron FAQ

Comparable Cloths Combined For Your Convenience

Contender Fibercon Pro with Polypreg

This cloth utilizes Fibercon yarns with a polypreg finish to provide a sail with the shape holding ability and strength to last many seasons of cruising. Built for performance oriented sailors this cloth is made to meet whatever challenge you put it through. The combined stability and dependability of this cloth will see you traveling the world without worrying about replacing your sails anytime soon.

More Information on Fibercon Pro

Bainbridge HSX Balanced

If you are the owner of a larger boat, the higher weight and applicability to a wide range of construction styles, of the HSX Balanced 22 woven Dacron will suit your next order for a sail. Because the strength between warp and fill are near parity, it becomes extremely durable. Which means it is ideal for cruising and year-round usage. It has a balanced denier construction that will benefit an assortment of sail applications. The high warp and fill denier will provide outstanding fill modulus. Ideal for those sailors looking for the best cloth at a great price this cloth will provide wonderful strength and lifespan to suit your needs.

More Information on HSX Balanced

Bainbridge HSX Strong Fill

Bainbridge International’s HSX Strong Fill has been developed to be exceptionally durable by combining strong composition and special UV inhibitors into the finished product. Known for it’s strength and performance, these sails will be easier to handle but will continue to deliver performance consistently and dependably. It is constructed from a high Sley fabric with a high warp count as well as a high fill denier to guarantee exceptional fill modulus. The robust design of this cloth is what makes this a dependable sailcloth material that will stand the test of time.

More Information on HSX Strong Fill

Challenge Marblehead/Fiber 104

This Premium Challenge Dacron comes in both High (Fiber 104 with Honeywell 1W70) and Low (Marblehead) aspect versions depending on your rig. The advantage in this cloth over the traditional Dacrons is the tightness of the weave and very high yarn count allowing the cloth’s strength to come directly from the weave and less depended on resins to hold sail shape.The result is a tougher, more durable and excellent bias control. What does this mean to you? Less sail deformation and the longest life of all Dacron sails! *Limited Availability*

More Information on Marblehead/Fiber 104

DimensionPolyant C-Breeze

DimensionPolyant by C-Breeze belongs to their collection of woven polyester sailcloths. The C-Breeze designs are characterized by a low aspect ratio, meaning that the warp and fill fibers are equally balanced, resulting in increased stability. The latest generation of C-Breeze sailcloths boasts a tighter weave, providing better bias stability. Moreover, both warp and fill fibers are high tenacity, enhancing the overall strength of the yarn and its ability to withstand load. This results in better shape retention throughout the sail’s lifespan, with minimal permanent stretch.

More information on DimensionPolyant C-Breeze

Examples of 500 Series Sails

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