Contender Sailcloth Superlite/Superkote

Contenders Superlite / Superkote is polyurethane coated nylon which promotes high performance, low weight, no porosity, and water resistance. This combined equates to excellent shape retention and flying temperament. This series of cloth is for the avid sailor who insists on stellar performance.

This fabric has incremental steps in cloth weight, this allows for combinations which can achieve the best strength and weight ratio for the application. Most of the weights are warp oriented, except for 70, 75 which are specifically for one design sails.

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Performance Downwind Sailing

Gradual Steps in weight

Superlite and Superkote are designed to be able to be combined to achieve the best strength to weight ratio for optimal performance of your sail.

PU Coated Nylon

Superlite and Superkote series are treated with Contender’s unique polyurethane based coating.  This coating is results in high stability, low weight, zero porosity and high water repellency.  Increased stability will allow the sail to maintain it’s sail shape under load and over time.  Reducing porosity to zero ensures increases light wind performance and the water repellancy keeps the sail as light as possible in adverse conditions and weather.

Applications Superlite and Superkote Asymmetric

Sail AWA Reacher Runner
Light Medium Heavy Light Medium Heavy
Leech Length ft./ mtr. 70˚-120˚ 70˚-120˚ 90˚-130˚ 110˚-150˚ 110˚-150˚ 120˚-165˚
39 / 12 SL 50 SK 80-60 SK 90 SL 40 SK 60 SK 130-90
49 / 15 SL 50 SK 80-60 SK 130-90 SL 50 SK 60 SK 130-90
59 / 18 SL 50 SK 80 SK 130-90 SL 50 SK 60 SK SK 130-90
69 / 21 SK 60-50 SK 130-90 SK 150-130 SL 50 SK 80-60 SK SK 150-130
79 / 24 SK 60-50 SK 130-90 SK 250-150 SL 50 SK 80-60 SK 250-150
89 / 27 SK 80-60 SK 130 SK 350-250 SK 60 SK 130-90 SK 250-150
98 / 30 SK 80-60 SK 130 SK 350-250 SK 60 SK 150-130 SK 250
108 / 33 SK 80-60 SK 250-150 SK 350-250 SK 60 SK 150 SK 350-250


Applications Superlite and Superkote Symmetric

Sail Runner
Luff length ft. / mtr. Light Medium Heavy
39 / 12 SL 40 SK 60 SK 90
49 / 15 SL 40 SK 75 SK 130
59 / 18 SL 40 SK 75 SK 150
69 /21 SL 50 SK 90 SK 150
79 / 24 SK 60 SK 90 SK 250
89 / 27 SK 60 SK 90 SK 250
98 / 30 SK 60 SK 130 SK 250
108 / 33 SK 60 SK 130 SK 350

Video Examples of Contender Sailcloth Superlite/Superkote



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