A Perfect Sail Starts With A Perfect Design

Precision Sails is proud to be at the leading edge of all things Sail Design, from innovative new processes for developing sail shape to perfecting a sail’s fit and performance everytime. You won’t be disappointed when it comes to our team’s communication and knowledge of what makes a sail work.


Fully Designed In House


Designed using the industry-leading Sail Design software Sail Pack, your sails will always have a leading edge. This powerful modeling software allows your designer to interact with your boat in a 3D rendered environment to dial in the shape and performance with remarkable precision. Combine this with both Precision Sails’ proprietary calculations and design excellence, and you’ve got yourself a sail that’s designed like no other.



We use 3D modeling to understand panel depth, strain, and load paths of the sail cloth on every sail. Custom modeling for each sail makes sure that mast bend, rake, boom position, head widths, and custom leech roach is a critical part of every design. This is done as a part of our design quality assurance process. It takes areas of high load and the effects of the bias elongation with tension from your cunningham, halyard, or out haul into consideration. In certain cases, fluid structure interaction calculations can be done to drive performance even further.

Sail Design Analysis


Nothing is standard when it comes to your design. Precision Sails is paving the way for the future and challenging the age-old industry practices of standardization and ‘cookie cutter sails’. We’ll never give you a reused sail design originally meant for someone else. Each sail we produce is custom designed specifically for your boat, and there’s not another like it. Just like sailors, every boat is unique and even production model boats can have slight differences. And that means, every sail needs to be unique as well.

Our design process allows you to get the best possible fitting sail, as well as make changes you wouldn’t have had the opportunity to otherwise. Ever wanted better visibility under your Headsail? Or adjust your boom to prevent hitting your dodger or crew? Both are easily solved during the design process. Just ask!



Having a dedicated design team in house means that every sailor has the opportunity to speak with a sail designer about their sail. Personal design overviews and consultations are available, and design files are provided with every sail. Professional service and professional advice means you get prompt, courteous, and expert customer service every time.

Meet Our Designers
Sail Designer Jeremy Roszmann

Work One-on-One With A Designer

Your sail’s design is critical to its performance. Unlike most lofts, at Precision Sails, our sailors work one on one with their designer to create the best sail for their skillset, boat, and sailing location. Don’t believe us? Hear what others had to say about their unique design experience.

Expert Coverage And Craftsmanship

Design is not the only thing we excel at. Learn more about The Process, Coverage, Craftsmanship, and Hardware.

Want to Speak With a Designer and Create Your Perfect Sail?

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