Bainbridge Sailcloth AirX

Bainbirdge AIRX is a premium range of performance spinnaker fabrics that combine strength, performance and quality. Bainbridges Moto for this series of cloth is “the winners choice.”

It has a double ripstop weave which is exceptionally burst and tear resistant. This also reduces damage from contacting the rig and handling.Bainbridge has years of experience in producing race winning spinnaker cloth and used this with the latest manufacturing techniques to develop AIRX.

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Premium Range of Performance Downwind Sailing

Unprecedented Strength

If you push your boat and your sails you know how important it is to have your downwind sails last the entire race.  AirX has unprecedented burst and tear strength.


Winning Race After Race

Bainbridge International uses it’s years of experience in producing race winning spinnaker cloth with the latest manufacturing techniques to develop AIRX. Time and time again, winning race after race – delivering unprecedented strength with performance and quality. All styles feature exceptional burst and tear strength, allowing lighter sails to be used in higher wind ranges.

  • High tenacity 6.6 yarns in a high density construction delivering light sails in higher wind ranges
  • Double ripstop weave delivers exceptional burst & tear strength and reduces damage from rig contact & handling
  • Fabric bias specifically engineered by weight to match optimum sail design
  • High water repellency provides best physical performance and minimum sailing weight
  • High density weave constructions deliver extremely low porosity which generates maximum power
  • Elongation results make AIRX ideal for modern asymmetric sails using step-down construction
  • AIRX excels in dealing with higher loads created by these designs
  • Finish & elongation figures are complimentary across the whole range, ideal for strong, lightweight composite race applications



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A mistake in hardware can lead to more maintenance over time and an added expense for those on a budget. By ensuring your boat is outfitted with the proper hardware, our team helps to avoid any extra potential costs. We truly work closely with every client to ensure great fitting sails.

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Our design team works closely with sailors to customize the hardware used on every sail. Whether your boat has mainsail cars, standard slides, tides marine track, or bolt rope, we are here to help. Hardware is very important in the life of the sail and it must be custom fit to your specific boat.

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Details are everything when it comes to designing the perfect sail. Whether it’s ensuring stitching strength in Dacron sails, designing corners patches that better distribute the load, using extra strength reinforcement webbing, or simply finding the perfect headsail for your boat, the Precision Sails craftsmanship ensures perfection every step of the way.

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