Dimension Polyant Hydra Net Radial

Hydra Net Radial, let’s just say this is the best of the best! Extreme durability, performance and strength comes from combining the durability of a woven polyester with the best Ultra-PE Fibres and rip stop.

The woven construction is a breathable platform that totally minimizes mildew! Hydra Net’s tight weaves offer superior shape retention, strength and longevity similar to many high end laminate. The softness of this cloth makes it superior to a laminate in its ease to furl and handle. The Hydra Net is the closest controlled manufactured cloths in the industry with the most consistent control of the final product! This very high end sail is perfect for high performance offshore sailors. Design targets and shape retention that were only achieved with laminates are available in Hydra Net! When you buy Hydra Net you are getting the performance of a laminate but with the benefits of a Dacron sail!

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Designed for Distance Cruising

Endurance King

The modern endurance king of our woven range: Hydra Net is ultramodern, unique and pioneering in the sailcloth market. Did you know that over 70 % of sails worldwide require high strength woven polyester sail cloth? Dimension‑Polyant has developed particular production methods for it. This tightly woven high tenacity fabric includes a stabilizing “net” of the high-performer Ultra-PE to make it a perfect choice for offshore cruisers.

Offshore Cruisers Choice

DP’s in-house high-tech looms and their DP team have learned and love to create Hydra Net® because of its many popular features. You will enjoy using it a lot! This easy to store sailcloth guarantees comfortable handling, offers a higher flex strength, is much less prone to mildew problems and bribes with better durability which exceeds that of other woven polyester fabrics. It’s no secret that Hydra Net® is also highly appreciated by sailmakers around the globe as it enables them to offer high-tech sails in a woven construction. Which is not possible for very long and has been developed by Dimension-Polyant’s persevering and further thinking R&D engineers. Hydra Net® is an ideal and reliable companion, an easy to handle and furl superior fabric for high performance offshore cruisers.

Boat Length Application Style
31 – 35 feet Mainsail 320 HN
#1 270 HN
#2 270 HN
#3 320 HN
36 – 40 feet Mainsail 350 HN
#1 320 HN
#2 320 HN
#3 350 HN
41 – 45 Feet Mainsail 380 HN
#1 350 HN
#2 350 HN
#3 380 HN
46 – 50 feet Mainsail
#1 380 HN
#2 380 HN
#3 480 HN

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