Bainbridge Sailcloth HSXv Vectran Hybrid

Bainbridge International’s Hybrid Polyester with Vectran is a cloth built for long distance cruising. Made with Vectran® a yarn that is stronger than aluminum, it offers a balanced construction for enhanced bias strength and in both cross and radial construction.

Combining this with the added 5mm rip-stop matrix this sail holds its shape for much longer than other cloths. Making it an ideal choice for those long trips or circumnavigations. With built in UV protection, and low-shrink polyester yarns, this cloth will give you excellent strength and finish that can be relied upon for years to come.

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Premier Hybrid Polyester

Long Lasting Performance

New HSXv offers a premier hybrid polyester incorporating Vectran® yarns in warp and fill The ultimate in woven polyester sailcloth By utilizing Vectran® in the construction HSXv is an incredibly strong and durable sailcloth – gram for gram Vectran® yarn is ten times stronger than aluminium. A balanced construction ideal for performance applications, with integrated Vectran®5mm matrix providing enhanced bias strength, stability and long term durability

Strength and Flexabilty

UV protected – the unique Bainbridge finishing process with additional protection which shields the cloth and absorbs harmful UV rays

• Super tenacity, low shrink polyester yarns deliver a cloth of exceptional strength and finish

• Low to moderate resin finish ensures long term bias stability

• Balanced construction widens appeal of cloth for countless performance sail applications

• The ultimate in woven sailclothThis matrix makes a Vectran®cage within the cloth that is incredibly strong whilst retaining excellent flex and fold

Count/Inch Denier DPI Finished Weight
W F W F W F g/m2 SM oz
HSXv 627 92 41 252 500 25745 21042 263 6.21
HSXv 627 104 41 300 599 34594 23852 328 7.66
HSXv 827 77 35 423 750 36411 28987 371 8.66
HSXv 972 71 35 495 850 39116 31171 401 9.37

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