Contender CDX Pro Polyester Radial Cruising Laminate

This Radial Performance Sail comes from one of the top sailcloth manufacturers in the world, Contender. This sail has exceptional bias stability and tear strength that comes from the Zigzag polyester fibers laminated between the taffeta.
The ZigZag polyester fibers stabilize the radial loads, allowing for a longer retention of sail shape. The USA woven UV treated polyester taffetas on both sides of the laminated cloth provide additional durability and UV protection. The CDX laminates are best for the sailors who are continually in varying wind strengths, allowing stability due to the strength of the evenly distributed Zigzag laminated panels. Perfect for an easy to handle sail because the sail shape stays flatter longer, points higher and heals less as the wind increases! Handling and strength is what sets this Contender CDX cloth apart from other Cruise Laminates!

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Tri-Radial Performance Cruising

Improved Performance

If you are looking for a sail that will hold sail shape longer than traditional woven Dacron, this cloth will be a great choice. Tri-Radial design optimizes sail shape while the laminate and Zigzag construction will maintain that sail shape longer into your sailing adventures.

Longer Lasting Laminate Sail

Laminate sails have been in use for many years and the technology of making these types of sails has improved. When laminate racing sails first came on the scene the focus was on performance. By eliminating the woven fibers of Dacron sails and placing straight fibers within two Mylar films, stretch under initial load and over time was significantly reduced. These early laminate sails improved performance however they were prone to de-lamination and short useful life. CDX Pro Polyester Cruising Laminate has the addition of Taffeta on either side of the sail to reduce de-lamination from chaffing.

Applications CDX Polyester Cruising Laminates

Boat length ft. Mainsail No. 3 No. 2 No. 1
25 – 30 CDX Pro 6 CDX Pro 6 CDX Pro 6 CDX Pro 5
31 – 35 CDX Pro 7 CDX Pro 7 CDX Pro 7 CDX Pro 6
36 – 40 CDX Pro 7/9 CDX Pro 9 CDX Pro 7 CDX Pro 6
41 – 45 CDX Pro 9 CDX Pro 11 CDX Pro 9 CDX Pro 7
46 – 50 CDX Pro 11 CDX Pro 11 CDX Pro 11 CDX Pro 9

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