A Process Trusted By Sailors Worldwide

The process of getting a sail from Precision Sails is founded on communication and collaboration. Working one-on-one at every-step of the process ensures clear communication and help is available at all times to any that need it.


The process starts with requesting a quote and working closely with our Sail Consultants to narrow down your options to pick the best cloth and customizations based on your location, boat model, and experience level.

Our Sail Consultants are highly trained and knowledgeable sailors eager to answer any questions you have. James, Lars and Ron are easy to talk to and always make the time. To top it off, getting a quote is quick, obligation free, and affordable!

Have a quote from another loft? Book a consultation to compare cloth, options, and even beat their price!

Speak To A Sail Consultant


Once an order is created, all sailors are given a login to our Customer Portal where they can access the forms, videos, upload files, and work with the Measurements Team to measure their boat.

Taking measurements is simple. Easy to follow measurement forms and videos are provided to help walk you through each step of the process, regardless of your experience level.

Need more help? Our measurement and design team is always available for a phone call or a measurement consultation.

Measurement Resources
Sail Designer Jeremy Roszmann


After your measurements have been received and confirmed, you will be assigned to our Design Queue and a Sail Designer who will reach out with a preliminary design for you to look over.

Featuring the best and brightest minds in the sail design field, our Design team is a diverse and capable force in getting the best performing and fitting sail possible for your boat, location, and experience level. No cookie-cutter sails here. All sails are designed from scratch for every sailor.

Learn About Sail Design

Shipping And Production

Once your Sail Design is completed, a Design QC is done to double check everything. Then your sail is assigned a production slot.

On the loft floor, your sail will be cut, assembled, and take shape using the highest level of technology and experience!

Have a question or want to learn more about the process of making sails? Our Logistics team is available anytime to walk you through the steps or provide an update on your order.

Sail Craftsmanship

Total Coverage

What if something goes wrong? At Precision Sails we are proud to boast the best coverage in the sail making industry, worldwide!

At the loft we like to “Take Care Of Our Sailors” and it is honestly as simple as that. You can read all about our warranty process on our Coverage page.


What Do Sailors Have To Say About The Process?

Don’t just hear it from us. Let our communication and process speak for itself!

Why Choose Precision Sails As Your Sailmaker?

  • Fast no-obligation quotes.
  • Industry best pricing.
  • Widest availability of cloth.
  • Sail Consultants always available.
  • Super easy measurement process.
  • Hands on design process.
  • Best in class production.
  • Worldwide shipping.
  • Easy and clear communication.
  • Total Coverage.
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