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The Widest Selection of Sailcloth in the Industry

Precision Sails proudly offers the largest list of available sailcloth for you to pick from in the sailmaking industry. Our quotes are easy to read and educational. Explore some of our most popular sailcloth categories below.

Cruising Dacron Sails

Precision Sails offers the largest selection of Crosscut and Radial Dacron sails in the industry. Whether you are sailing with the family at the summer cottage a few weekends a year or cruising around the world, there is a Dacron made precisely for your needs and within your budget. Each sailcloth manufacturer offers several qualities of Dacron to choose from in order to fit your needs. We’ve grouped sailcloth of similar qualities from each manufacturer to help you make a well-informed decision about what’s best for you!

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Cruising Laminate Sails

Laminate cruising sails are best suited for sailors who are looking for improved performance through better sail shape, and retention of sail shape over the life of the sail. These types of sails are produced using the same methods as racing sails. However, they are built with longevity in mind using Polyesters and Taffeta to increase durability and ease of care. Laminate sailcloth is designed to resist stretch under initial load, as well as stretch over time.

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Club Racing & Long Distance Racing Sails

Racing sails are built for speed. Precision Sails has access to the best Racing Laminate sail cloth offered in the industry. Whether you are racing against your fellow club members in “beer can” races just for fun or campaigning your boat in long distance races for bragging rights and prize money, there’s a Racing Laminate sail that will meet your expectations and your budget.

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