How to Remove and Install Catamaran Batten Hardware


Removing Catamaran Batten Hardware

Here is a quick how-to guide on removing your batten hardware from your mainsail. The removal of the batten hardware is simple and quick to do. Here is what you will need for the removal:

  • Drill (with bit)
  • Screwdriver
  • Bag to store hardware

Locate the hardware on your sail and use the screwdriver or drill to remove the screws. Make sure to keep your palm up underneath as the other bottom plate and nuts will fall out once removed. Ensure you place each piece of hardware back together and hand-screw back together and place in a bag to reduce the chances of losing pieces.

Installing Batten Hardware:

In this example we will be installing Harken batten receptacles. Here is what you will need for the install:

  • Harken hardware (Or another branded batten receptacle)
  • A drill (bit and drill bit)
  • Screwdriver
  • Marking pen

Locate the batten pocket on your sail and follow it to the luff of the sail, this is where the hardware will be installed. Take the backplate and slide it under the sail, there are grooves cut out of the front and back plates to allow them to be attached to the bolt rope. Line this up on the top and bottom plates. Take your drill and mark locations for holes to be drilled in the sail for the screws to pass through. Drop in the screws, tighten and move on to the next one.


“If your sail is made of Dacron the heat of the drill will seal it back together”

You can also learn how to measure your batten hardware and receptacles by clicking HERE

Watch how to uncoil battens, measure and cut battens, or watch a playlist of these measurements on our YouTube channel.

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