How to Install Tides Marine Track Sliders onto your Mainsail

showing the tides marine assemby and how it comes apart

The Tides Marine Track and Slide System is a simple and elegant solution for difficult to raise and lower mainsails.  If you are struggling with your mainsail either hoisting or lowering this system will reduce the friction of the mainsail luff track and is designed to handle today’s full or partially battened mainsails with large roach and high aspects.

The video below will walk you through how the sliders are attached to the webbing loops that are designed into your new Precision Sails Mainsail Luff.

For larger sails we prefer to design the sail to have the proper size webbing to ensure it holds up for years to come.  Unfortunately the Tides Marines Sliders occasionally are smaller than the webbing that we’ve used.  Not to worry, this video will walk you through how to use the stronger webbing along with your sliders.

It’s just a matter of compressing the webbing loop so that it will fit into the slider.  This method helps to keep the slider in place and will eliminate the chance of jamming.

If you are interested in ordering a Tides Marine Track or a new Mainsail for your existing system please call: 1-888-958-5638 or email

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