Do You Need a Trysail When You Have An In Mast Furling Mainsail? Ask Precision Sails.

I have an In Mast Furling Mainsail Do I Need a Trysail?

On this episode of APS Andre asked “Do I need to have a trysail if I have an In-mast furling mainsail?”

While we do have an answer, it really does depend on each individual sailor. For anyone doing an ocean crossing, serious offshore sailing, or are the type of sailor that like to be out in any condition, we recommend having one in your sail inventory.

We recommend this because most sailors only have one mainsail on board. If your mainsail was to become damaged during a gust of wind, or being out in 40 knots then you may face the outcome of being stuck in bad weather with no mainsail to help get you home.

A trysail is there to make sure that your mainsail does not take on any unnecessary damage and means you are able to confidently sail in heavier weather conditions.

A Trysail Has a Few Benefits:

  • Helps keep you boat stable during variable weather.
  • Reduction in sail area can balance your boat with you headsail.

Won’t I End Up Damaging My Trysail?

Yes, but no. A trysail is built with extra reinforcements, heavier cloth, and stronger materials to aid in prolonging its life during exposure to heavy conditions.

However, many cruisers opt to sail in fair weather or stay closer to shore. For those of you who do not believe you need a Trysail, or are not sure if it would benefit your sail inventory to have it on board. You can speak with a sail consultant about the benefits and drawbacks it provides.

At the end of the day you will decide what is best for your boat, condition, and experience level.

If you’re looking for a new storm sail or trysail click here for more information on the sails we offer.

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