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Precision Sails is thrilled to be a part of your journey – Supporting rum soaked sand and beers in the anchorage in every way we can.

We are excited to extend our current active discounts to YCA members, if you are in need of sails please fill out the form below. Look around our site for more information about us and sailmaking. Remember to rep your tribe and use the code YCA2024 in the notes anywhere you submit!

You can also call +1 888-958-5638, or email info@precisionsailloft.com for detailed pricing on sails and accessories.

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Precision Sails is trusted by sailors worldwide and is proud of each and every sail we produce! When you buy a sail from us, you get:

  • VAST selection of Sail Cloth.
  • Custom Designed Sails.
  • A Process Focused on Communication at Every Step.
  • Robust Worldwide Warranty.
  • Great Prices.
  • The Best Price Guaranteed.
  • Sail Fit Guarantee.

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How We Keep Our Prices Low

We take pride in providing the industry’s most affordable prices. We firmly believe that the barrier to entry for cruisers should be reduced, allowing everyone to experience the freedom the ocean offers.

Our discounts are updated seasonally as we acquire new stock. Please check back periodically throughout the year to see changes in our active discounts, as we adjust them according to seasonal bulk orders of cloth, hardware, and other items.

Current Active Discounts – Spring Rush!

Dacron Cruising Sails and Laminates:

  • Precision 300 Series – Designer Dacron: 10% off
  • Precision 400 Series – Advanced Dacron: 15% off
  • Precision 500 Series – Elite Dacron: 15% off
  • Precision Tri-Radial – Dacron Series: 10% off
  • Cruising Laminate Sails: Up To 15% off
  • Racing and Club Racing Laminate Laminate Sails: Up To 15% off


  • Pre-Designed Spinnakers – 15% off
  • Standard Size Single Color Spinnakers: 30% off
  • Non-Standard/Multi-Color Spinnakers: 20% off
  • Racing Spinnakers (A1-A5, S1-S5): 20% off
  • Code Zero Laminate: 15% off

*** Limited Rush Orders Available ***


Information should be free and widely accessible, we firmly believe in transparency through our process.

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Welcome to the behind-the-scenes of the sailmaking industry. Our goal is to simplify and demystify the sailmaking process so that you can easily get back out on the water in style.

We prioritize communication and have a process that focuses on keeping you, the customer, informed every step of the way. We believe that providing you with all the necessary information is crucial to making an educated decision and guiding you through the process.

Discover how we consistently exceed our customers’ expectations and go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction.

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