Storm Trysail


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A Trysail is hoisted instead of a mainsail and allows sailors to navigate adverse conditions and heavy winds by providing enough thrust to maintain control of the ship. If you are considering a passage this is a key piece of safety equipment. There is a continued debate of having a Tri-Sail onboard or building your mainsail with 4 reef points.  The difference being whether you are willing to move forward to bend on the Tri-Sail in adverse conditions or if you are willing to allow your mainsail to be subject to gale force winds and risk damaging one of your key sails. The strength and solidity of this sturdily designed sail, developed from special heavily constructed Polyester, makes it suitable for both racing and off-shore cruising. It is highly recommended that storm sails be of a highly-visible coloured material.

Storm Sail Features:

  • 3 step zig-zag seaming
  • Heavy duty bonded UV thread on patches and tabling
  • Reinforced triangular seam wedges at leech for extra leech strength
  • Half moon protective patch sewn at hank or slide position on luff
  • Luff and leech bands underneath tapes
  • Double tapes with double stitching
  • Straight stitching on corner webbing for greater strength
  • Heavy duty Rutgerson Super rings of Spectra webbing corners
  • Three hand sewn rows in webbing above each corner ring for added corner integrity
  • All slides and cleats are hand sewn
Small 6.1m² (65.7’²) 8oz Orange and White 4.90m (16.08′) 5.57m (18.27′) 2.50m (8.20′)
Medium 7.8m² (84.0’²) 10oz Orange and White 5.50m (18.04′) 6.40m (21.00′) 2.85m (9.35′)
Large 10.8m² (116.3’²) 10oz Orange and White 6.40m (21.00′) 7.75m (25.43′) 3.40m (11.15′)
X-Large 15.5m² (166.8’²)


10oz Orange and White 7.80m (25.59′) 9.10m (29.86′) 4.00m (13.12′)


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