M2 Stainless Anchor Mantus Marine


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The Mantus Marine M2 has the same performance characteristics as the M1 anchor, but it has a more compact profile and can rollover without the need for a rollbar. Designed to penetrate dense grassy bottoms, and set with incredible holding power.

Designed with bow sprits and bow pulpits in mind, the much less bulky M2 provides a better fit for those boats because it does not require the roll bar.

All bolts on the Mantus M2 are ASTM Certified and oversized by a large margin to ensure safety.

The stainless steel M2 features a 2205 duplex shank, and 316L stainless steel fluke that is finely polished.

Mantus anchors break down easily for storage, so that one or two extra spares can be brough along without taking up large amounts of space onboard your vessel.


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