Long Genoa Sail Bag


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Precision Sails’ custom long genoa bag is custom made to fit your rolled headsail for storage. A flat bag with a longer and shorter zipper. The sliders are fitted with lanyard for easy use. The bag can be secured to the deck with the provided webbing straps.

For our sail bags we source a high quality, tightly woven Nylon cloth coated with a clear Polyurethane internally to ensure the material is watertight.

If you want your sails to last as long as possible rolling your sails and storing them in a genoa bag is the best way.  Laminate sails and dacron sails are both sustainable to damage when folded over and over in the same place.

* Please note Precision Sail’s Genoa sail bags are custom made.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.


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