Spinnaker Turtle Bag


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If you’re ordering a spinnaker or have an unruly spinnaker, a Turtle Bag is an excellent accessory to consider adding on to your inventory. It improves ease of use when deploying, flying and storing a spinnaker.

Precision Sails Turtle Bags come with handles that cinch down around the chute so when it’s stuffed into the bag you can make it nice, tight, and compact for storage.

One side of the bag has carabiner clips, you clip these onto the life lines so your turtle bag and sail don’t blow off the deck!

The head ring of your spinnaker peeks out of the top of the bag, velcroed to a strap, as well as your tack and clew at either end. Everything is labeled. This allows you to know where to tie your halyard and sheets on either end. It organizes your sail so that when you fly the chute it helps prevent twisting and knotting of the sail. If you’ve ever tried to fly a spinnaker without having your lines organized you, probably know how bad that went!

Once you have your sheets attached and your halyard attached you can undo your cinching straps and when you’re ready to hoist the sail the top of the bag opens with by undoing the Velcro.

At this point your sail comes right out the bag and up it goes!

For our Turtle Bags we source a high quality, tightly woven Nylon cloth coated with a clear Polyurethane. Mesh vents are included in the bottom of the bag to allow for air flow and drainage.

X-Small 750mm(L)x350mm(W)x400mm(H) – (2’6″x1’2″x1’4″) Size 1-3 Up to 50m2 (462.9ft2)
Small 1000mm(L)x400mm(W)x450mm(H) – (3’3″x1’4″x1’6″) Size 4-6 Up to 75m2 (807.3ft2)
Medium 1100mm(L)x450mm(W)x500mm(H) – (3’7″x1’6″x1’8″) Size 7-10 Up to 118m2 (1270ft2)
Large 1200mm(L)x450mm(W)x600m(H) – (3’11″x1’6″x2′) Size 11-14 Up to 183m2 (1969.8ft2)
X-Large 1350mm(L)x500mm(W)x650mm(H) – (4’5″x1’8″x2’2″) Size 15-18 Up to 265m2 (2852.4ft2)


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