Huge Sale – Black Friday 2016 November 21 – 25, 2016

Precision Sails is once again happy to offer our Black Friday Sale.  We have arranged with our manufacturers a limited number of production slots at a reduced rate for sails being delivered in Spring 2017(March/April).  Below are all the great discounts that are available. 

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Dacron Sails:

Precision 300 Series: 15% off

Precision 400 Series: 25% off

Precision 500 Series: 25% off

Challenge Warp Drive Race/Cruise 25% off

All Cruising Laminates: 25% off

All Racing Radial: 25% off

All Custom Made Standard Size Single Color Spinnakers: 40% off

All Custom Spinnakers: 25% off

Code Zero Laminate: 25% off

CDI Furling Systems: 25% off

Delivery in March 2017

* Offer * Cannot be combined with any other offers including Fast Action Bonus.

** Limited Time Offer ***

If you would like to see examples of sails that we’ve recently produced please visit our YouTube Channel by clicking the one of the links below. 

 Dacron Cruising Sail Videos – A collection of sails produced from Precision Sails 300, 400 & 500 Dacron  as well as Challenge Sailcloth’s Warp Drive Tri-Radial Dacron

 Cruise Laminate Sail Videos – Examples of sails designed and produced for sailors looking for higher  performance without having to worry about de-laminating

Racing Laminate Videos

 Laminate Tri-Radial Racing Sails Videos – Laminate sails designed for high performance and club racing

 Spinnakers – Asymmetrical & Symmetrical Videos – Downwind sailing Spinnakers in fantastic color  combinations

 Canvas & Accessories Videos – Boom Covers, Sail Covers, Turtle Bags, Spinnaker Socks and Tackers

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