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The New Mainsail Reefing System now being offered by CDI finally delivers to the sailboat owner a reasonably priced mainsail reefing system that can be owner installed. The new system is based on the time proven design of the CDI Flexible Furler. The new Mainsail Reefing System by CDI eliminates flogging sails in the cockpit when reefing or furling the mainsail. The mainsail can be reefed from the safety of the cockpit as easily as reefing the jib. As with a jib reefing product, the new Mainsail Reefing system allows infinite size choices when reefing the mainsail to accommodate all wind and sea conditions. The new Mainsail Reefing System by CDI is designed to be easily installed on existing boats, without costing more than the boat itself.

Size Selection

The MR2 will fit:

  • Sailboats under 25′ long.
  • Mainsail luffs up to 29′.
  • Masts less than 4 5/8” wide.
  • Furling Line:
  • Max Mast Width:4-5/8″
  • Fitting Size: 5/16″ & 3/8″
  • Wire Size (Supplied): 3/16″
  • Furling Line: 3/16″
  • Outhaul Line: 5/16″

The MR4/6 will fit:

  • Sailboats up to 40′ long.
  • Mainsail luffs up to 39′.
  • Mainsails with up to 400 Sq Ft area.


CDI Limited 6 Year Warranty

The Mainsail Reefing System is warranted to remain functional for 6 years from date of purchase. You must be the original purchaser of the unit. If, during this period, any part becomes non-functional, CDI will repair or replace it, free of charge, except for freight.

The Mainsail Reefing System warranty covers:

  • At Sea: All hazards at sea, including winching against obstructions, unseamanlike use, and dismastings. This warranty remains in force for charter and other commercial operations. No maintenance is required to keep the warranty in force.

The Mainsail Reefing System warranty does not cover:

  • At Sea: Shipwreck, collision and acts of God. The warranty is void if the mast is not fixed in place vertically at all times while the boat is in the water. Tipping the mast forward to pass under bridges, power lines or other low clearance obstructions voids the warranty.
  • On Trailers: Collision; being dragged on the ground; and improper stowage resulting in kinks, bends and twists.

Storage: Any damage caused by improper storage or handling when not at sea.


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