Dimension Polyant Carbon Sport Lite Skin

Built and engineered specifically for club racers this sailcloth was influenced heavily by GPL GraphX and brings with it similar durability and UV resistance as well as increased strength. The addition of Lite Skin it offers an attractive alternative to the cruiser and club racer who is considering a laminate sail with increased abrasion resistance and longer life span.

The strength found in this cloth comes from the Carbon structure within which allows for minimal stretch. Which makes it great for racing. This cloth is designed to retain its sail shape consistently for a longer period. The increased durability of this cloth makes it an amazing choice for anyone looking for their next racing sail.

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Performance Cruising

Strength and Longevity

Carbon based inner structure is the bases for this incredible performing sail. Light, strong and low stretch make this the sail of choice for cruisers and club racers with boats smaller than 40′. The addition of the Lite Skin adds to it’s usable lifespan.


Video Examples of Dimension Polyant Carbon Sport Lite Skin

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