Dimension-Polyant Flex Polyester

Whether you are a competitive sailor or a pleasure cruiser, you are probably looking for a sail that will maintain its shape in the face of a variety of situations.

Dimension has developed its Flex® Polyant for this purpose. This is a versatile load balancer designed to handle strain in six different directions.  It deals with primary loads, off-angle loads in clew, head and tack areas, mid leech and luff.  This gives the sail the greater advantage of being able to handle both expected and unexpected loads. A great option for those looking for a sail that they can rely on to maintain equal strength in any situation this cross cut option is ideal for racers and cruisers.

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Shape Retention under Variable Loads

Polyester Yarns

Club racing and Performance Cruising will both benefit from the Polyester Yarns in the FLEX Polyester cloth.  Polyester has a high modulus without being too brittle to flake, fold or furl your sail.

Fill Laminate Extra X

FLEX stands for “Fill Laminate Extra X” and fits for racing as well as cruising sails. In interaction, strong fill and warp yarns form the foundation for all FLEX® compositions. Additional 20° and 30° „Double X“ patterns from the fill absorb the appearance of multiple loads. Thanks to its newly developed construction, our FLEX® is a multi talented load balance that can handle strain in six different directions.

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