Dimension Polyant Black X-Tech

This radial constructed technora fiber laminate is highly advanced and balanced to prevent unwanted elongation. This cloth utilized two high end technora scrims instead of typical polyester scrim.

The technora scrim is fill orientated for increased luff to leech strength. This is critical for roller furling and over-lapping head sails. High tenacity technora fiber offers high flex and impact durability. Black aramid warp fibers provide load line strength in tri-radial construction. Black die on the technora fibers increase UV resistance. This radial cloth comes from one of the best names in the racing industry, Dimension-Polyant!

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Balanced Construction

BX Line fabrics are at the forefront of the trend towards a more balanced base construction for warp-oriented laminates. This hybrid innovation combines the strengths of similar fibres to create a long-lasting fabric, which will meet the highest demands of ambitious owners and their crews.

Forward Looking Technology

The base 0-90 Technora® black scrims in this line are fill oriented for a superior luff to leech strength, the decisive factor for an increased lifespan of roller furling and overlapping head sails. Additionally, the characteristic Technora® black yarn offers high flex and impact durability due to its high tenacity. In combination with the black Aramid warp fibres providing a load-line strength in tri-radial construction, the BX Line fabrics are true multi talents to successfully be operated on the highest racing level. And just like the best sunglasses are protecting your eyes, the black dye increases UV resistance over the longer life of the sail.

Black X-Tech Application Chart

Boat Length Application Black X-Tech
20 – 25 feet Mainsail BX10 /BX05
Light #1 BX05
#1 BX05
#2 BX05
#3 BC10/BC05
26 – 30 feet Mainsail BX10 /BX05
Light #1 BX05
#1 BX10/BX05
#2 BX10/BX05
#3 BX10
31 – 35 feet Mainsail BX15 /BX10
Light #1 BX10/BX05
#1 BX10/BX05
#2 BX15/BX10
#3 BX15
36 – 40 feet Mainsail BX20 /BX15
Light #1 BX15/BX10
#1 BX20/BX15
#2 BX20/BX15
#3 BX20
41 – 45 feet Light #1 BX15
#1 BX20/BX15

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