Contender Sailcloth ZigZag Black Polyester Racing ZZP

Contender’s Black Polyester ZZP has been developed as an economical alternative for the small boat racing sailor and for one-design classes that have restrictions on higher modulus fiber usage.

Still offering the same technical appearance as carbon and black aramid material on larger racing boats. ZZP’s construction uses formed scrim and insertion process to offer exceptional resistance to flex, and greater stability overall. The black carbon coating on the formed scrim also increases the laminate’s UV resistance. If you are considering a new sail for your racer, consider Contender’s Black Polyester as a credible option.

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Durable and Economical

If you participate in local club racing and want a long lasting, easy care sail that will out perform you current Dacron sail, Contender ZZP Black Polyester cloth is a great choice.


ZigZag Reinforced

Contender Sailcloth’s ZigZag design made from high tenacity polyester fibers.  Polyester has excellent resistance to flex and it’s UV durability is further enhanced by a carbon black coating on formed scrim.  This Radial cloth has incremental warp fiber content from 6,000 to 19,500 denier per inch.  Primary thread line strength is supplemented with a ZigZag of 1,000 denier black polyester fibers at 22 deg on either side of the warp for improved cloth stability and tear strength.

Applications ZZ Polyester

Boat length ft. Mainsail No. 3 No. 2 No. 1
20 – 25 ZZP13 ZZP13 ZZP09/06 ZZP06
26 – 30 ZZP19/13 ZZP19 ZZP13/09 ZZP09/06
31 – 35 ZZP19 ZZP19 ZZP19/13 ZZP13/09
36 – 40 ZZP19 ZZP19 ZZP19/13

Video Examples of Contender ZigZag Black Polyester Racing

Is This The Best Cloth For You?

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