Bainbridge International DIAX-PP-P

For better performance in racing, the DIAX-PP-P fabric will provide a longer life for the sail.  It is a new Film-on-Taffeta design that has proven more durable and stronger than DIAX-P and equivalents.

Using the latest technology the improvements are achieved by substituting one of the film layers for a lightweight, woven taffeta. Like all DIAX products, this material is based on scrim component technology using flat, untwisted ribbons of fiber to maximize performance.  Its zero crimp warp/fill scrim will resist primary and secondary loading and it has a diagonal axis scrim to reduce bias stretch. If you are interested in racing, you should be interested in DIAX-PP-P.

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Durable Laminate

  • CL-DIAX P is a premium range of Taffeta-on-Taffeta laminates that utilise polyester warp fibre to reduce elongation
  • They are suitable for cruising applications up to 60ft and are an ideal mid range product, fitting between standard CL and Pentex products in performance

Advanced Lamination Technology

  • Constructed using two films that are encapsulated by the taffeta – benefits are less moisture allowed to penetrate, as well as increased bonding,  allowing for smoother look
  • Reduction in Mildew on the sail in humid areas
  • Double taffeta style to ensure de-lamination due to chafing and flaking.


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