Bainbridge International DIAX-P

This material uses the best quality fiber to give you a 0-90 load bearing scrim.  With a unique manufacturing technique warp crimp is virtually eliminated and stretch is greatly reduced.

DIAX-P increases panel stability through 45 degree grids to form a diagonal stabilizer. Using the latest polyester yarns, durability is the benchmark of this sail cloth. All the DIAX products use the most recent fiber technology to provide you with the best laminate available for your application.  Using the latest polyester yarns, durability is a benchmark of this product. For a longer life for your sail and reduced film loading, opt for DIAX-P.

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Durable Laminate

  • CL-DIAX P is a premium range of Taffeta-on-Taffeta laminates that utilise polyester warp fibre to reduce elongation
  • They are suitable for cruising applications up to 60ft and are an ideal mid range product, fitting between standard CL and Pentex products in performance

Advanced Lamination Technology

  • Constructed using two films that are encapsulated by the taffeta – benefits include less moisture retention, increased bond strength and smoother appearance
  • Mildew resistant
  • Double taffeta style


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