Bainbridge International Carbon Fiber laminate (CL-DIA-CFG)

These fabrics offer stretch resistance and shape retention better than woven sailcloth.  They are durable and long lasting.

The CL products are based on scrim component technology that uses flat, untwisted ribbons of fiber formed into several scrims.  Compared with woven cloth, this process will maximize the performance of the product. Combining lightweight polyesters or Dyneema taffeta with laminate warp/fill scrim will resist stretch and secondary loading on the sail. This means that the weight of the sail is reduced for better performance in light winds, but reduced stretch and strength are still present. All of this means better sailing and a more enjoyable experience for the sailor and crew.

More informtion from Bainbridge International

Durable Carbon Laminate

  • Tried and tested for performance and durability on sailcloth applications
  • Tough taffeta is bonded to both sides of the laminate to provide UV, abrasion and tear resistance

Advanced Lamination Technology

  • Constructed using two films that are encapsulated by the taffeta – benefits include less moisture retention, increased bond strength and smoother appearance
  • Mildew resistant
  • Double taffeta style


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