Tartan 30

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Tartan 30 Sailboat

The Tartan 30 is a thrilling feeling to recall the boats that made your sails fun in the ’70s. The Tartan 30 is one keelboat that made many sailors happy in its decade-long span. Designed by Sparksman & Stephen, the boat exemplifies the comfort, sturdiness, and fast-paced capabilities of 30-footer boats of the ’70s.


Something For Everyone

It is popular for being several things to different people. On one hand, the Tartan 30 Sailboat is a recreational boat. On the other hand, it can be used as a race-cruiser. The production of the boat continued until 1980 when it was discontinued.

The ’70s may have come and gone, but you can still enjoy the heyday of the 30-footer racer with the Tartan 30 Sailboat.

Interesting Facts

  • The Tartan 30 Sailboat is a fast production keelboat.
  • Recognized as a very successful 30-foot boat after being used for several racecourses in 1971.
  • The boat later went on to win the Midget Ocean Racing Class (MORC) of Long Island Sound in 1976.
  • Settee berth arrangement for comfortable accommodation.
  • PHRF Rating of 180



Type of Hull

Fin with rudder on skeg


10.00 ft / 3.05 m


26.92 ft / 9.12 m



I (foretriangle height)

39.00 ft / 11.89 m

J (foretriangle base)

13.00 ft / 3.96 m

E (Mainsail foot)

34.00 ft / 10.46 m

P (Mainsail luff)

336.00 ft2 / 31.2 m2


8,750 lb / 3,969 kg



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