Lagoon 38

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Lagoon 38 Sailboat

The Lagoon 38 is a middle-sized Catamaran yacht. Van Peteghem and Vincent Lauriot-Prevost designed it. The design was bought by French boatyard Jeanneau (FRA) in 2000. It is designed with space, ergonomics, and leisure in mind.

The sailboat is fitted with a fractional sloop, internally-mounted spade rudder, and catamaran twin keel. It is propelled by a heavy-duty Diesel X2 motor that complements its size; the attached fuel tank carries 53 US gallons of fuel while the water tank carries 79 US gallons of freshwater. As a Lagoon Catamaran design, it has a length overall (LOA) of 37.89 ft. and a waterline length (LWL) of 36.08 ft. The mainsail area is 829.00 sq. ft. while the beam is a wide 21.42 ft. The Lagoon 38 sailboat has a spacious interior. It features six cabins, two washrooms, and ten berths. It is also engineered with a ventilation system, hot and cold-water tanks, interior lights, and stovetop burners. The deck has a simple yet efficient layout, while the exterior is made predominantly of fiberglass.


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