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Mantus Marine Bow Rollers are designed to fit any make and model of anchor and when you pair it with the anchor-guard it provides the perfect system for anchor storage and deployment.

The BR1 does not include the top brake assembly.

The BR2/3 includes the top brake assembly. The top brake assembly serves two functions:

The first, is in the pushed down position it stabilizes your anchor while stored. Spread the 2 spring loaded rollers and slide over the anchor shank. You lock the brake with the knobs on the side.

Secondly, in the upright position the top brake assembly controls the angle at which your anchor is deployed. This makes sure it travels away from the vessel and does not hit structures on deck on its way.

Bow Roller Size Boat Size (Feet) Mantus Anchor Size (lbs)
BR1 18 to 35 8 – 35
BR2 36 to 46 45 – 85
BR3 47 to 70 105 – 175


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