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Precision Sails is trusted by sailors worldwide and is proud of each and every sail we produce! When you buy a sail from us, you get:

  • VAST selection of Sail Cloth.
  • Custom Designed Sails.
  • A process focused on communication at every step.
  • Robust worldwide warranty.
  • Great prices.
  • The best price guaranteed.
  • Sail fit guarantee.

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You Don’t Want To Miss These Discounts

Precision 300 Series Designer Dacron: 15% off
Precision 400 Series Advanced Dacron: 15% off
Precision 500 Series Elite Dacron: 15% off
Precision Tri-Radial Dacron Series: 10% off

Cruising Laminate Sails: 10% off
Racing and Club Racing Laminate Sails: 10% off

Standard Size Single Color Spinnakers: 30% off
Non-Standard/Multi-Color Spinnakers: 25% off
Racing Spinnakers (A1-A5,S1-S5): 25% off
Code Zero Laminate: 15% off

*** Limited Rush Orders Available ***

Black Friday Pricing Has Expired As Of 11.30.22. Winter Sale Discounts are now in effect.

Join the Worldwide Fleet That Trusts Precision Sails

  • Sailing Uma
  • Sailing Atticus
  • Jessica-And-Ryan
  • Sailing GBU
  • Taylor's Travels
  • SV Delos
  • Sailing Soulianis
  • Sailing Nahoa

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